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Big plans for digital media

April 11th, 2014 | by Bransen Agu

PUHI – Kaua‘i Community College’s Digital Media program is working towards having an associates degree program that allows seamless transfers to different campuses

ASUH-KCC budget challenged

April 11th, 2014 | by Shaina Nacion

PUHI – Recent controversy over the appropriation of student funds by Associated Students of the University of Hawai‘i – Kaua‘i Community College Student

The ATM is finally coming

April 11th, 2014 | by Shaina Nacion

PUHI – Kaua‘i Community College will soon be installing a new Automated Teller Machine for acquiring cash on campus, according to Associated Students of

Coco for coconuts

April 11th, 2014 | by Bryan Gerald

Tropical beaches around the world feature a plant known for its delicious sustainability: the coconut. To select the tastiest one, several factors are

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

April 11th, 2014 | by Bransen Agu

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is a fun series that has started to become the show fans have wanted from the get-go. The show takes place in the

Hard Lessons

April 11th, 2014 | by Ka Leo O KCC

Jonathan Tangalin / Contributing Writer The movie “Hard Lessons,” directed by Eric Laneuville in 1986, holds up well over three decades later

Transparency? What’s that?

April 11th, 2014 | by Alden Alayvilla

When I first started reporting for Ka Leo O Hawai‘i, the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa’s school newspaper, I thought, “Great! Now’s

Water for the next generation

March 6th, 2014 | by Bryan Gerald

On Kaua’i, planning is underway that may impact the island’s drinking water, distribution for agriculture, and electric power. The Kaua‘i

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